serkan The most visited booth at the Russian Automobilility Exhibition

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The Russia-Moscow MIMS Automobility Moscow 2023 automobile exhibition started on the 22nd and continued until August 25 at the Moscow Expocenter from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Moscow time, where representatives from Iran were also present.
The 25th international exhibition of spare parts, auto parts, equipment and car maintenance goods of Russia MIMS Automobility Moscow was held in the Moscow International Automobile Hall with the presence of more than 600 brands from 18 countries in a total of 30 thousand square meters. This event is considered to be the largest trade exhibition in the field of car parts and maintenance equipment with the aim of attracting business visitors from Russia and neighboring countries, which is held every year.
This event is a place to present new products of manufacturers to the market of Russia and neighboring countries, and it is a key event for industry professionals who participate in it from all over Russia. The Russian Motor Show is a unique meeting place for experts and buyers. This event traditionally showcases a wide range of products manufactured by prominent Russian companies and Russia’s neighboring countries, and in the meantime, Serkan Industrial Group, Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Saipa Automobile Company and several other companies were representatives of Iran at this year’s exhibition.
The Moscow Automobile Exhibition covers products in the fields of auto parts, accessories, car washes, repair shops and gas station equipment, types of auto filters and auto fluids, and information technology products and services, accessories and tuning.

The presence of Iranian companies in this exhibition will have a positive effect on the export of cars and car parts in the country and is an incentive for the cooperation of Iranian and Russian companies for joint production. In the meantime, many visitors of this exhibition were officials and ministers of Russia, China, Iran and countries around Russia.
The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasized that the presence of Iranian companies in the Moscow International Exhibition is unprecedented. The Iranian pavilion is the largest exhibition pavilion and occupies more than 900 square meters in a hall with an area of 1700 square meters, which is unique in the history of overseas exhibitions.
The names of the Iranian companies mentioned on the Russian site itemf are Serkan Industrial Group (designer and manufacturer of all types of filters and automotive fluids), Cruise Production Industries, Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Saipa Company, Shafaq Dana Industrial Group, Samfar Company, Isfahan Cast Iron Industries. (producer of heavy vehicle assembly and parts), Qaim Industrial Group, Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Mashhad Powder Metallurgy Company, Namieh Hadi Emad Company, Pars Niromand Polymer Company, Andisheh Industrial Group.
Although the Russian automobile exhibition lasted for 4 days, it was very well received by automobile and auto parts experts from different countries, and many of the attendees considered Serkan Industrial Group as the most prominent stand and Iranian company in this exhibition, and the high variety of products of this collection for The participants were important points. Among the booths of Iranian auto parts present in the exhibition, Serkan attracted the most visitors.

Serkan Industrial Group consists of leading companies in the field of auto parts production and services, which was established in 2019 with reliance on the private sector and with the aim of creating and promoting a new culture in the field of auto parts.
The side programs of the exhibition include: increasing the sales volume, expanding the geography of product sales, meeting with purchasing networks, holding wholesale meetings with B2B companies, communicating with leading importers in the transportation industry, informing and knowing about the brands present in the exhibition, Exchange of opinions with reputable experts of the market is that holding a joint panel of the parts manufacturing industry of the two countries, signing a memorandum of understanding between the Iranian and Russian parts manufacturing associations, holding tours to visit several Russian car and parts manufacturing factories, and holding B2B meetings with Russian companies and industrialists were among the side programs that the association Homogeneous industries of powertrains and car parts makers of the country were considered for this exhibition.
It is expected that the share of Iran’s exports to Russia in parts such as car filters, refinery filters and other parts will increase due to the high reception of the Iranian companies present in this exhibition. Satisfaction with the quality of some car parts, such as car filters produced by Serkan Filter Company and Serkan Industrial Group, raised many hopes for more exports.

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