About Serkan

ـــــ  History of the company

Sarkan Filter Production and Industrial Company was established in 1976 by the late Haj Houshang Cheraghi in Sarkan. Sarkan is a city in Hamadan province, located on the southern slopes of Alvand. The name of Sarkan Filter Company is also derived from the name of this city – Sarkan – the birthplace of the company’s founders. At the beginning of the operation, the production area consisted of making air filters for the cars of that time.

The market’s unexpected response to the quality of the products produced led the founders to increase the volume and variety of their products. Therefore, there was an urgent need for new facilities and location. Accordingly, the company’s site was moved to a wider location, although this site has become more voluminous and extensive every year. In the last ten years, due to the jump in production and increasing market demand, the company has established several separate sites in Tehran province, and in fact, Sarkan Filter Company has become a group consisting of several large companies.

ـــــ activities

Design and production

Sarkan Industrial Group designs and produces all kinds of filters and fluids (including oil, cleaners, etc.) and operates as one of the most famous brands in the market in Iran.

Export to global markets

At present, Sarkan Industrial Group is expanding its share in the markets of the Middle East region and the world by benefiting from its experienced forces and experts and using up-to-date technical knowledge and machines and receiving standards.


This group aims to create a regular and specific system for providing services and direct communication with consumers, in compliance with standards, for all types of cars.

research and development

Sarkan Industrial Group is researching with the aim of advancing and discovering new knowledge about products, processes and applying knowledge to create new and developed services at an international quality level to cover market needs.


Based on half a century of activity in Iran's filtering industry, this collection has a wide share in the sales market inside Iran due to the reception of the auto parts industry market.

Transparency in work

Creating a clear communication with customers is a priority for Sarkan Industrial Group and it is trying to make customers meet their needs according to the standards and more easily and use all the services in the best way.

ـــــ Vision and Mission

 Serkan Industrial Group, a world-class group, seeks to create a system that adheres to quality and sets service standards commensurate with consumer rights, based on its originality, to establish itself as a major player in the industry.  Raise auto parts and services in the region and the world.  This is achieved based on the production capabilities and competencies defined in each of its affiliated companies.